Joanne M. Ferraro, PhD

Albert W. Johnson Distinguished Professor of History Emerita
San Diego State University

Joanne Ferraro

Office: Arts & Letters 529
Office Phone: (619) 594-6702

2010 Alumni Association Outstanding Faculty Award

Dr. Joanne Ferraro
was selected to present the 25th Albert W. Johnson Research Lecture as an outstanding historian and highly accomplished scholar of marriage and the family, prolific author with four scholarly books, numerous book chapters, and referred articles, as well as for her leadership and service to the campus and her academic discipline. 

The University Research Lecture Series is sponsored by Graduate and Research Affairs and the University Research Council in recognition of SDSU faculty who make exceptional research and teaching contributions. Recipients of this award are designated as distinguished professors in their disciplines. Her presentation, "The Historian as Detective: Sex Crimes in Early Modern Venice," was given on March 20 2015.

The Allure of Venice Revealed

A new book by SDSU's Joanne Ferraro is a sweeping portrait of the floating city.

Read the full story and watch the video on the SDSU NewsCenter website...

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